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Chapter 8  How to contribute

XMotion is a free project and require a lot of effort for the development. Everybody, - not only developers - , which wants to participate to the project are welcome.

8.1  Translation of XMotion

To translate XMotion process as follow:
  1. Install Qt-Linguist.
  2. Download the source code of XMotion and build it in debug mode.
    tar xvfz xmotion<version>.tar.gz
    cd xmotion<version>
    qmake CONFIG+=debug
  3. Edit and append the line:
  4. Execute the command:
    The file mylang.ts should be created.
  5. Use Linguist (command: linguist mylang.ts) it is possible to edit the translation file.
  6. To test the translation: use the command "File->Release..." to generate the translation file (here mylang.qm). Start XMotion and select in the option dialog the new language "mylang"1.
  7. When finished, send mylang.ts per email to The translation will be integrated into the next release.

8.2  Technical writer

Due to the fact that English is not my mother-language, I would be happy if somebody wants to correct and maintain this documentation. A minimal knowledge in LaTeX is necessary.

8.3  Translation of the documentation

XMotion is able to handle the translation of the documentation. If somebody want to translate the English documentation to its own language, just send me an email. A minimal knowledge in LaTeX is necessary.

8.4  Packaging and Installation

The actual distribution is generated under Debian, for other distributions I need volunteers which creates and generate the installation packages.

8.5  Donation

I would like to thank everybody which make a donation to the project. This helps to finance the licenses of the software needed (QT for Windows, Visual Studio) and the hardware infrastructure.
A restart of XMotion is needed

This project is sponsored by CoverageMeter - Software Test Performance Measurement

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