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Chapter 5   MotionCleanup

5.1  Usage

MotionCleanup is a program which permits to erase the old pictures captured by motion. The program need the "new file" format (with directories) see motionsettingnew file format, and motioncleanup use the directory structure to avoid the scanning of the whole pictures to find the oldest. The cleanup starts when less than a specified memory is available on the file system. It can be started in background to make a regularly cleanup.
Usage:  motioncleanup "time" "size" "dir" ... "dir"
        "time"  Sleep time between 2 check (0 to deactivate)
        "size"  in MB which should be left on the disk
        "dir"   directory which contains the pictures captures
                by motion (new format only supported)

ex:     'motioncleanup 60 2700 /tmp/CAMERA1 /tmp/CAMERA2 /tmp/CAMERA3'
        removes every 60s the oldest pictures from /tmp/CAMERA1 /tmp/CAMERA2
        /tmp/CAMERA3 if less than 2700 MB are available.

5.2  Building

  1. gcc (>2.95)
  2. qmake
Decompress the source code and enter into the MotionCleanup source directory:
tar xvfz motioncleanup.tar.gz
cd motioncleanup
To build the source code, type:
make clean
To install MotionCleanup   type (as root):
make install
To uninstall MotionCleanup   type (as root):
make uninstall

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