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Chapter 6   MotionWatchdog

6.1  Usage

MotionWatchdog is an application which (re)start motion and other application automatically after a crash. Optionally it is possible to use a watchdog device.
Usage:  motionwatchdog "watchdog" "command" .. "command"
        "watchdog"      Watchdog device (/dev/watchdog)
                        Use the null device is the watchdog
                        is not used (/dev/null)
                        WARNING: Using a watchdog will reboot
                        the computer if this program is killed!!!
        "command"       Commands executed in background
                        The command must be a command which
                        does not return!!!
                        NOTE: motion need to be configure
                        in non-deamon mode.

ex:     motionwatchdog /dev/null 'motion' 'motioncleanup 60 /home/CAMERA'
        Execute 'motion'
                AND restart it if motion terminates
        Execute 'motioncleanup 60 /home/CAMERA'
                AND restart it if motion terminates
        No watchdog devices are used

6.2  Building

  1. gcc (>2.95)
  2. qmake
Decompress the source code and enter into the MotionWatchdog source directory:
tar xvfz motionwatchdog.tar.gz
cd motionwatchdog
To build the source code, type:
make clean
To install MotionWatchdog   type (as root):
make install
To uninstall MotionWatchdog   type (as root):
make uninstall

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